Our mailbox is located at:

Peach King Centre

162 Livingston Avenue

P.O. Box 159

Grimsby, ON

L3M 4G3


Phone: 905-945-1288

Fax: 905-945-9083

Email:  ssweeney@grimsby.ca   


Parade Route Map

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Grimsby Santa Claus Parade

The best way to reach us by email:

NOTE: email addresses are only actively used from September - December each year.  If you are inquiring about the parade outside of this time please use the contact information on the left side.


For:                           Name:          Email:

Bands                        Robin           treasurer@grimsbyparade.ca

Comittee Info             Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca

Entries                       Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca

Judging & VIPs          Gillian          gillian@grimsbyparade.ca  

Parade Route Info     Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca

Sponsors                   Robin           treasurer@grimsbyparade.ca

Traffic Marshals         Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca

Volunteers                 Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca


For all other inquiries please contact:

  • Sarah          ssweeney@grimsby.ca
  • or call 905-945-1288

Please note: it may take us a few days to respond to your message - please be patient.