Volunteer Descriptions:

The following attachments describe the volunteer positions that we require more assistance with. We are also looking for:

-parade photographer

-parade recording

-banner carriers

-hospitality assistance

-costume sewers

To volunteer your time with us just use the contact information listed on the attachments or contact the Peach King Centre at 905-945-1288.

Committee Members

Traffic Marshals

Costumes and Characters


Parade Volunteers


The parade requires a great deal of community support each and every year.  Our volunteers are an essential part of the parade and we are very grateful for their support each and every year.

We always need more volunteers! 

So if you would be wiling to help support this excellent event that would make Santa's day !

Interested in helping out in a way that you don't see listed here?  Just give us a call and we can chat about it.


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